creative collaboration

I am a user experience designer with front-end experience that has a drive for project efficiency. I have worked through many different roles in UXD and primarily function as a senior interaction designer. Fundamental to my approach is communicative collaboration, agile methodology and lean UX.

Skills & Experience


Efficient systems are my passion. Whether it be workflow strategy for an apparel company’s production process or improving the journey across an interface, creative problem solving  keeps me energized. My brain thinks in wireframes and flowcharts, and I thrive testing ideas and implementing solutions. I use applications such as Invision, Sketch3 and the Adobe Creative Suite to convey ideas to stakeholders and explain interaction.


Cross-functional experience

I got my start with Drupal and WordPress in 2008. I’ve sat on both sides of fence: design and development. I’ll talk code with coders and creative with creatives. I like both groups and like it even more when everyone is communicating and collaborating. My strength is organizing people and information. I love sitemaps, flow charts, and assembling all the pieces of a project. I work to breakdown silos,  give every project member a voice, and bring shared vision to a project.

Great code + great UX/ UI = amazing user experience. Why stall short of amazing?


UI development

I am an implementer of current web trends and a curious learner of new technology.  My belief is that the content and needs of a client drive the architecture and design of a website or application. Too often the time is not taken to understand the stakeholders and create a plan that will best suit their needs. I am an advocate of communication and planning at the onset of project and believe it relieves unnecessary costs and results in a more satisfied stakeholder. My current workflow involves toolsets and frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Bower, NPM, Gulp, Sass, and Github.


Project management

Earlier in my design career, I managed everything from 30 page publications to 200+ catalogs with hundreds of products. I understand the requirements to get all the information and assets from different departments in place  and deliver a product on time.  I have managed content teams and large website projects and know what it takes to complete a project on time and to the satisfaction of stakeholders.



The pipeline of digital assets can feel like a fire hose of pixels, text, bits and bytes. I know print and web and how to deploy assets from the creative to the developer or production artist.  I help organize, categorize and streamline the management of all types of digital assets.