Studio Consistency

Quiksilver Inc. ran a high volume photography studio in Huntington Beach to service all the brands: Quiksilver, Roxy, DC Shoes, and Watermans. I was tasked with increasing efficiency while also improving the consistency of styling and quality of work. The first project was to oversee and also help shoot the winter product line for DC Shoes. DC Shoes winter product line is extensive and we wanted to improve the quality of photography to complete with Burton, the main competitor.

Case 1: Winter Product Line


Beating the competition with style

By communicating with the marketing departments across different brands, a consensus was reached about the styling of jackets and outerwear. The styling brought unique challenges to both the photography team and the retouching team. I was approached to create a solution. We could not find a mannequin form to accommodate the needs of the project, so I designed and constructed one out of PVC, flexible copper piping, elastic fabric and plywood.



Case 2: Styling Across Brands


How to keep consistency with different stylists and brands

How do you keep photography consistent with different photographers and brands in a studio that shoots 300-500 shots a day? I designed styling overlays that could be used in CaptureOne to create consistency between different photographers and to train new photographers.

The first objective was to bring the marketing departments and product developers to an agreement on the styling of clothing. Once the styling had been approved, I created overlays for CaptureOne so that the photographer had a reference as they styled different clothing.

Working with the team

Inconsistent styling was a major problem on the website, since multiple seasons were sold on the website and stylist might change from season to season. We worked with the website department to deliver consistent styling.

Initially there was resistance from the studio, since each stylist wanted to style in their own way. One way we relieved the tension was to give photographers a product line that they owned and to create style overlays based on their preference. This gave them a sense of respect for their style and ownership of the product line.

New photographers had less resistance to the established system as it helped them style correctly from the start and have less do-overs. This reduced friction in onboarding and improved consistency for new photographers.




Result = Improved Consistency

FASTER TRAINING | better results