User Interface Redesign Process

Objectives of the UI Design

  1. Improve experience and efficiency of all users.
  2. Provide a task based workflow for users, allowing for quicker learning and a more fluid experience throughout the building process.
  3. Use established navigation patterns throughout building process to bring cohesion to the process.
  4. Consolidate pages and tasks according to guiding UX principles.
  5. Remove broken or unused parts of the UI.
  6. Refine navigation using industry standard patterns and clearer verbiage.
  7. Reduce costs by speeding workflow.

Analysis of Realestate

Fitt’s Law Analysis

Fitt’s is a predictive model of human movement primarily used in human–computer interaction and ergonomics. This scientific law predicts that the time required to rapidly move to a target area is a function of the ratio between the distance to the target and the width of the target. Fitts’s law is used to model the act of pointing, either by physically touching an object with a hand or finger, or virtually, by pointing to an object on a computer monitor using a pointing device.


UI New Designs