User Experience for Email Marketing

In an project to improve the user experience of email creation and sending, a detailed map of the path of the user through each step of the process was created. With guidance from business objectives, a new map was created detailing the new steps available in the process, such as better template handling.


  • The template selection process was confusing to many users and resulting in unwanted duplication of information.
    There was not current method of sorting templates by categories, leading a large list for users to search through.


  • Document the current user journey through the tasks of creating an email and sending it.
    Iterate on user journey map with feedback from research and business goals.
  • Define information architecture for templates including multiple taxonomies.
  • Create lower fidelity mockups of new template selection process and prototypes flows in Invision.
  • Create higher fidelity designs of the template selection process.


User Journey Map

Low Fidelity Wireframes

High Fidelity Designs