GMVS Website

Improving form and function

GMVS is a private school with a focus on winter sports athletics. In 2009 they decided a better looking and functioning website was integral to promoting the school. The ability to easily update content, pictures, menus and schedules was integral to more effective website management. By providing current information in a visually appealing way, GMVS’s goal was to attract more students. For this project, I was approached by designer Mike Olson to create the web experience for GMVS and potential students.

The website had this design and architecture from 2009-2015






Drupal by Design

After hearing what GMVS’s requirements were, the platform to build the website seemed clear: Drupal. Drupal is an open source PHP platform that is widely used for academic sites.  It is scalable and flexible.

The GMVS website was built on the Drupal version 6 and used the Views module to display information throughout the site. A custom media library was built for picture management and reuse on different pages. Dynamic image banners were created so that images could easily be changed throughout the site.

By providing a content management system that GMVS staff could effectively use, the GMVS site has served the institution for over 6 years and provided a better experience for both current and potentials students.