First impressions with Invision Prototyping and Sketch

Prototyping with Craft

This week Invision released its prototyping tool for Sketch as part of the Craft toolkit they are offering. The anticipated release allows users to create interactions between elements in Sketch and sync these interactions to the Invision project. With Crafts built in syncing to Invision, this speeds prototyping for designers and enhances the Sketch to Invision connection.

With any new release, the question remains how well will it work? Here’s my impression.


Linking elements to artboards is a cinch. The UI tools for connecting elements to artbroads (translated to screens in Invision) works well for basic transitions. More complex interactions such as overlay do work at well yet, because you cannot specify custom X and Y coordinates.

Take away: keep to simple interactions in Sketch and work out the more complex interactions like overlays in Invision App.


I was working quickly and syncing up to Invision quickly. I have profession account at Invision but I quickly ran into throttling with Invision and had to wait to refresh the page on the Invision site. It limited my bandwidth and made me wait. This understandable but annoying when you quickly working.

Take away: Do more work in Sketch and sync less to avoid frustration with throttling.