User Experience

User experience design is a practice involving different disciplines: design, information architecture, psychology and engineering. I come to UX with a background in graphic design and front-end development.


Central Marketing Workflow Strategy

To increase efficiency throughout the central marketing departments, we looked at large view of product marketing from product inception to the final print of sales material and worked to make each step of the process more efficient. For addition information, see case studies: Catalog Efficiency and Artwork Automation.

Discover: Explored the key issues that slowed production
Define: Established the workflow for each target area of improvement
Ideate: Brainstormed solutions to speed production
Prototype: Used EasyCatalog and Extensis Toolkit to create automated solutions
Test: Started with one department and implemented ideas to test if product increased


User Interface Wireframes

A client for Rivers Agency asked for us to visual the workflow for a web application we were creating. The interface involved a number of steps that we wanted to condense into 11×17 graphics to present to the client.

registration_wireframes_V2_1 registration_wireframes_V2_2